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Over the years, the GFMD process has produced a wealth of background papers, research works and other documents that have been used as references in the preparation of the Roundtables or thematic meetings.  It is noteworthy that most of these GFMD-related documents were prepared by government teams, which helps promote confidence-building and a sense of partnerships between and among governments in the GFMD process.

But many these valuable thematic references have also been contributed by international organizations, Regional Consultative Processes and other bodies in support of the annual GFMD meetings.

In addition, there are documents that relate to the GFMD process, such as the Roundtable concept themes of each annual meeting, the lists of GFMD participants, Reports of Proceedings of the meetings of the GFMD Steering Group, Friends of the Forum and the main forum, and information about the engagement of the civil society.

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