Bangladesh GFMD 2016

"Migration that works for Sustainable Development of all: Towards a Transformative Migration Agenda.”

Report of proceedings

Excerpt from SRSG Peter Sutherland Report


Opening Ceremony, Ninth GFMD Summit

GFMD 2016 Common Space

Breakout Session 1: Cooperation in Global Governance

Breakout Session 2: Cooperation in Global Governance

Roundtable Sessions

Reports on the Roundtables



Meeting between Business - Civil Society - Governments

Special Sessions

Special Session on the Future of the Forum (for Heads of Delegation only)

Platform for Partnerships

Closing Session

Side Events

Summary Report


Statements and presentations

Introductory Session

Session I: Social aspects of the Global Migration Compact

Session II: Economic aspects of the Global Migration Compact

Session III: Legal aspects of the Global Migration Compact

3rd GFMD 2016 Thematic Workshop on "Migration for Peace, Stability and Growth"

2nd Thematic Workshop on Migration for Harmonious Societies

1st Thematic Workshop on Migration, Connectivity and Business

Background Paper

  • GFMD 2016 Roundtable 1.1 Background Paper Reducing Migration Costs EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2016 Rountdable 2.1 Background Paper Migration, diversity and harmonious societies EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2016 Roundtable 3.1 Background Paper Migrants in Situations of Crises EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2016 Roundtable 1.2 Background Paper Connectivity and Migration EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2016 Roundtable 2.2 Background Paper Protecting migrants in all situations EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2016 Roundtable 3.2 Background Paper Principles, Institutions and Processes EN | FR | ES

21 October 2016

Final Preparatory Meetings of the GFMD 2016 Government-led Roundtable Teams
9.00 to 13.30, WCC - Ecumenical Centre Building

19 May 2016

Second Government RT Preparatory Meetings
9.00 to 13.30, ILO Building, Geneva

5 February 2016

First Government RT Preparatory Meetings
9.00 to 13.30, ILO Building, Geneva

11-12 May 2016

Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) Meeting of Senior Officials
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)