GFMD Focal Points Directory

Below are the GFMD Focal Points for: International Labour Organization

  1. Ms. Gloria Moreno Fontes Chammartin
    International Labour Organization
  2. Ms. Manuela Tomei
    Directorate for Social Protection (ED/PROTECT) International Migration Programme (MIGRANT)
  3. Ms. Michelle Leighton
    Chief, Labour Migration Branch
  4. Mr. Victor Hugo Ricco
    Specialist on workers activities
  5. Mr. Henrik Moller
    ILO Bureau of Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP)
  6. Ms. Heike Lautenschlager
    ILO Labour Migration Branch (MIGRANT
  7. Ms. Meredith Byrne
    Junior Technical Officer in Labour Migration
  8. Mr. Shabari Nair
    Migration Policy Specialist
    International Labour Organisation (ILO)
    Labour Migration Branch International Migration Conditions of Work and Equality Department

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