The Chair-in-Office is assisted by a Taskforce. Its main responsibility is to help the Chair with the overall organization of the GFMD process. The Taskforce is comprised of experts and advisers who assist the Chair with the substantive preparations, such as:

  • Provide ongoing advice to the Chair-in-Office in all policy, thematic, conceptual and process-related issues related to the GFMD
  • Contribute to the substantive development of the theme(s) and agenda of the Forum
  • Undertake preparatory work to assist the GFMD Chair-in-Office in the development of thematic background papers, including documents and coordination activities required for GFMD meetings
  • Assist in the preparation and review of documents required for the meetings of the GFMD Steering Group, the Friends of the Forum and GFMD meetings
  • Provide advice on the implementation and effectiveness of the GFMD Operating Modalities endorsed at the first GFMD meeting in Belgium and discussed in Philippines, Greece and Mexico during the sessions on the 'Future of the Forum'
  • Inform and advise the Chair-in-Office on follow-up activities regarding previous GFMD meetings
  • Provide any other advice and support as requested by the Chair-in-Office

The Taskforce generally comprises government officials of the current Chair-in-Office Government as well as some international experts in the migration and development fields.