Twelfth GFMD Summit Meeting

"Sustainable approaches to human mobility: Upholding rights, strengthening state agency, and advancing development through partnerships and collective action"

(NEW DATE!) 20-24 January 2020
Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano in Quito, Ecuador

Registration deadline: 13 December 2019

The Government of the Republic of Ecuador, in its capacity as 2019 Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), will be hosting the Twelfth GFMD Summit Meeting on 20-24 January 2020 in Quito, Ecuador, open to Member States and Observers of the United Nations, and other GFMD Observers. The Twelfth GFMD Summit will be the climax of the Ecuador GFMD Chairmanship.

The Twelfth GFMD Summit will be opened by High Level officials of the Government of the Republic of Ecuador. It is expected to be attended by Ministers and Vice Ministers from all regions of the world, and a broad range of policy-makers and practitioners in migration and development fields.

From the outset, a central focus of the GFMD 2019 Chairmanship has been continuing the global dialogue on migration in the changed policy landscape following the affirmation of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and Global Compact for Migration (GCM), the review of the implementation of migration-related commitments in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda through the High-level Political Forum, and the enhancement of the GFMD process through the follow up of the recommendations of the GFMD Ten-Year Review Report.

The Ecuadorian Chairmanship is focused on the central theme: “Sustainable approaches to human mobility: Upholding rights, strengthening state agency, and advancing development through partnerships and collective action.”

The substantive agenda of the Quito GFMD Summit focuses on three Roundtable (RT) themes, to be discussed in six RT sessions:

(1) Coordinated responses to mixed movements: Partnerships and collective action to protect rights
  • Roundtable 1.1: Providing regular pathways from crisis to safety
  • Roundtable 1.2: Facilitating social and economic inclusion
(2) Migration narratives and communication: What role, responsibility and resources do governments have?
  • Roundtable 2.1: Shaping public narratives on migration and migrants
  • Roundtable 2.2: Communicating effectively with migrants
(3) Addressing human mobility as part of urban and rural development strategies
  • Roundtable 3.1: Supporting arrival cities through policy coherence and multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Roundtable 3.2: Harnessing migration for rural transformation and development

In line with the tradition of the GFMD, the three-day GFMD Summit program will include inaugural and closing ceremonies, as well as Roundtable discussions and special sessions on the GFMD Platform for Partnerships and the Future of the Forum open to Friends of the Forum. Additionally, this year, for the first time, the three multi-stakeholder mechanisms of the GFMD – the Civil Society Days, the Business Meeting and the Mayoral Forum – will be held in the same space and integrated into the overall program of the GFMD Summit. The ‘Common Space’ sessions will provide an opportunity for the multi-stakeholder representatives from all mechanisms to mingle and share ideas in unified shared events.

For more details, please refer to the Provisional Programme for 20-24 January 2020 and Logistics Note with practical information for participating delegations.

Registration for the Quito GFMD Summit will be coursed through the GFMD Support Unit in Geneva (registration2019@gfmd.org). For logistical considerations, all delegations are encouraged to complete online registration via gfmd.org until 13 December 2019.

The Ecuadorian GFMD Chair looks forward to welcoming your government / organization’s delegation to the Twelfth GFMD Summit.

Yours truly,


Ambassador Santiago Chavez Pareja

Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development 2019

GFMD 2019 Chairmanship


All GFMD Focal Points (Governments and Observers) can register to the Summit by logging-in with their pre-assigned GFMD credentials.

Invitations are required for non-focal point delegates who wish to attend the Summit Meeting. Please contact your Focal Point(s) to request an invitation.

All GFMD Focal Points (Governments and Observers) can register to the Summit by logging-in with their pre-assigned GFMD credentials.

Invitations are required for non-focal point delegates who wish to attend the Summit Meeting. Please contact your Focal Point(s) to request an invitation.

All Twelfth GFMD Summit delegates are required to register by Friday, 13 December 2019 in order to obtain their accreditation badges that will allow entry to the Summit venue and participation in all official Summit and related activities.

In case the online registration process is not feasible, delegates are requested to contact the GFMD Support Unit via Email: registration2019@gfmd.org, or Fax: +4122 788 4948.


The online registration platform for the Twelfth GFMD Summit is now open for government and GFMD Observer organization representatives. It and will be accessible until Friday, 13 December 2019. This online system allows Summit delegates to provide their registration details (hotel accommodation, flight details, session participation, etc.).

GFMD Focal Points (Governments and GFMD Observers) that have log-in credentials can register themselves on this platform, or can invite other members of their delegation. For more information, please see 'Who may register', below.

For more detailed information on the online registration please consult the registration guidelines

GFMD Mobile App

GFMD Focal Points (Governments and GFMD Observers) that have log-in credentials may also register via the GFMD Mobile App. Focal points can recover their credentials here.

Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the mobile app: (Android | iOS). The app is free of charge.


To ensure that registrations are duly coordinated internally (i.e., within the government or organization concerned), a mandatory Note Verbale from the participating government or organization is required to be sent to the GFMD Support Unit in addition to the online registration of all members of the delegation.

The Note Verbale from the Permanent Mission in Geneva (or New York for those without PM in Geneva) must be submitted to registration2019@gfmd.org, specifying all members of the official delegation and clearly identifying the Head of Delegation.


For any questions concerning registration to the Twelfth GFMD Summit, please write to registration2019@gfmd.org.

GFMD Focal Points (Governments and GFMD Observers)

To register, GFMD Focal Points are required to login to the GFMD Web Portal or via the Mobile App using their previously assigned credentials. To retrieve your password, click here.

Non-focal point delegates (Governments and GFMD Observers)

Other delegates who are not GFMD Focal Points must be invited by GFMD Focal Points. For coordination purposes, only focal points may invite delegates using this application form. The GFMD Support Unit will send login credentials and a registration link to the concerned non-focal point delegate.

For the list of the GFMD Focal Points, click here.

Civil Society

Civil society stakeholders can participate in the GFMD Summit Meeting through the Civil Society Day (22 January) and Common Space (23 January).

The registration process for civil society participants is a separate process, coordinated by the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC). Unfortunately, application is now closed - the ICMC received applications from over 1,000 civil society organizations, and will select only around 200 participants for the final Civil Society Days.

Government representatives interested in attending the Civil Society Days meetings as Observers can register here. The deadline for registration for government observers in the CSD process is 25 October.

For more information on the Civil Society process, please refer to the GFMD Civil Society Days website or contact contact@gfmdcivilsociety.org.

Private Sector

Interested members of the Private Sector can participate in the GFMD Summit through the GFMD Business Meeting to be held on January 22 and through the Common Space (23 January).

Private sector participants may register their interest in attending the Summit through the GFMD Business Mechanism website.
For any questions, please contact info@gfmdbusinessmechanism.org.

Mayors and Local Authorities

Invited representatives of local authorities can participate in the Summit through the 6th Mayoral Forum (22 January) and the Common Space (23 January).

A selection of mayors and local authority representatives have been specifically invited to attend the Summit. These representatives will have received an invitation by email to register. If you have been invited and are experiencing technical difficulties in registering, please contact registration2019@gfmd.org.


Participation of VIPs, including heads of Ministries and Departments, as well as UN agencies and other international organizations, must be announced in writing to ecuador2019@gfmd.org for coordination and VIP support.

Others (Panelists, Interpreters, Side event organizers, etc.)

The GFMD Support Unit will provide individual credentials to Summit panelists, interpreters, side event organizers, and those that have a special role in order for them to register for the Summit.

For any assistance, please contact support.unit@gfmd.org.

Government-led Roundtable (RT) Sessions

The GFMD Roundtables (RT) will be held on Wednesday, 22 January and are open to GFMD Friends of the Forum (GFMD government and Observer representatives).

The RT sessions will be held in two rounds of simultaneous discussions:

  • 08h30 – 11h00: RT sessions 1.1, 2.1 and 3.2
  • 14h00 – 16h30: RT sessions 1.2, 2.2 and 3.1

You can find on this link the Programme of Roundtables with speakers

Since the GFMD inception, the RTs have been a central element of the GFMD Summit Meeting. The annual Government-led RT sessions are developed through a series of open and interactive RT Team Consultations held throughout the year. Under the lead of the RT Co-Chairs, each RT session team prepares a background paper that informs and stimulates the Summit debate. All RT sessions are geared towards generating concrete outcomes, including suggestions of specific policy options or programs.

The GFMD 2019 Roundtables are structured around the GFMD Chair Ecuador’s central theme ‘Sustainable approaches to human mobility: Upholding rights, strengthening state agency, and advancing development through partnerships and collective action’. This theme signals three substantive priorities of the Chairmanship, which will be debated in Quito in two RT sessions each, as follows:

Theme 1 - Coordinated responses to mixed movements: Partnerships and collective action to protect rights

Theme 2 - Migration Narrative and communication: What role, responsibility and resources do governments have?

Theme 3 - Addressing human mobility as part of urban and rural development strategies

Civil Society

In previous years the Civil Society Days (CSD) have taken place over multiple days in conjunction with the GFMD, however in 2019 the CSD will occupy only one day, in favor of a more open multi-stakeholder process. As such, the Civil Society program will include the Civil Society Day (22 January) and participation in the Common Space (23 January).

This year’s GFMD Civil Society Day (CSD) will allow participating civil society organizations and observing government representatives to take stock of initiatives being implemented around the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) as well as across the spectrum of migration and development. For more details visit the GFMD Civil Society website.

For questions on the Civil Society programme please contact contact@gfmdcivilsociety.org.

Business Meeting

The Business Mechanism will hold a session on 22 January dedicated to a dialogue between businesses and governments on business priorities linked to skills mobility and skills development. For more details visit the GFMD Business Mechanism website.

Participants in the Business Meeting will also be able to participate in some activities during the GFMD Common Space, 23 January.

For questions on the GFMD Business Meeting programme please contact info@gfmdbusinessmechanism.org.

Mayoral Forum

The 6 th Mayoral Forum will convene in Quito, Ecuador on 22 January 2019 under the title “From Large Movements to the Global Compacts: Cities as First Responders”. For the first time, the Forum will be an integral part of the annual Summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).

The Mayoral Forum will be organized in a manner that combines high-level plenary sessions, addressing topics of common and strategic interest, with break-out sessions that will facilitate a more in-depth exploration of specific topics in smaller groups, including through direct interaction with the inter-governmental deliberations of the GFMD.

Participants in the Mayoral Forum will also be able to participate in some activities during the GFMD Common Space, 23 January.

GFMD Marketplace 2019

Expanding on the role of the GFMD Platform for Partnerships, the Twelfth GFMD Summit in Quito will see the operationalization of a solutions-driven Marketplace at the conference venue for the duration of the Summit. In the lead up to the Summit, interested stakeholders may submit their proposal – either as a policy tool or service provider, or as a requesting party needing policy/program/capacity-building support. The Chair will choose a suitable number of proposals, and the proponent (multi-)stakeholder party (from governments, international organizations, civil society, business and/or local authorities) will be assigned booths where they may present policy tools, solutions, or challenges during the GFMD Summit week. Additionally, an online GFMD Marketplace will be set up after the Twelfth GFMD Summit, providing a bridge to the 2020 GFMD Summit.

GFMD Business Tech Garden

An important new element of the GFMD business interaction in Quito is the hosting of a ‘Tech Garden’ to showcase innovations that leverage technology in dealing with migration and development issues. A dedicated space will be provided for a number of small-to-medium entrepreneurs from Tuesday to Thursday, 21 to 24 January, to share their efforts and interact with GFMD participants. To encourage similar initiatives, the entrepreneurs will be ranked by a judging panel comprised of private sector and government representatives, and the winner will be conferred an award at the closing plenary of the Summit Meeting.

More information on the programme of the Tech Garden will be provided closer to date.

For questions on the Business Tech Garden please contact info@gfmdbusinessmechanism.org.

GCM Dialogue

The GFMD Chair Ecuador has chosen to provide a space for a voluntary dialogue on the Global Compact for Migration on Friday, 24 January, after the Twelfth GFMD Summit. The objective is for interested government and non-state stakeholders to exchange experiences and concrete initiatives towards the implementation of the GCM. They are also encouraged to share about challenges and lessons learned, as well as progress achieved to date.

In keeping with the informal nature of the GFMD, the GCM dialogue will be co-organized with the UN Network on Migration in the spirit of peer exchange and learning. It will be open to all Friends of the Forum and relevant stakeholders.

Sponsored Delegates

Funded delegates will receive their assigned hotels via a separate communication at a later stage, together with other practical reminders.

Non-Sponsored Delegates

Non-sponsored delegates are responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodation and all related costs during their stay.

Please find below the list of available hotel rooms with preferential rates that have been negotiated by the host government:

Transportation arrangements will be made to bring participants to and from these designated hotels to the meeting venue (transportation services from and to the International Airport Mariscal Sucre in Quito, Ecuador, to the designated GFMD hotels will not be covered).






Distance from venue


Price in USD (TTC)

Point of Reference


Offered rates include



Suite Junior


Hotel JW Marriot



Av. Orellana 1172 and Av. Amazonas | Quito 170518


Single Deluxe and Double Room: $161.35

Darwin Paez darwin.paez@marriott.com

15 Dec

Breakfast buffet for $12.00, access to the Health Club,use of internet in the room and public areas. Spa: Swimming pool,gym, steam bath, jacuzzi.





Av. 12 de Octubre 1820 and Luis Cordero, Quito


Swiss premium room single: $161.35
Swiss premium room double: $185.75
Grand room single (breakfast not included): $185.75
Swiss Business suite room single: $246.75
Swiss business suite room double: $271.15
Swiss executive suite room single $289.45
Swiss executive suite room double $289.45

Felipe Poveda fepoveda@swissuio.com

15 Dec

Welcome juice, Swiss bedding (duvet), coffee & tea bar in the room, office supplies (clips, notebook, eraser, pencil), daily newspaper, Breakfast buffet, Internet Access, newspaper, Amrita Spa: Swimming pool,gym, steam bath, jacuzzi. Separate women and men relaxing areas.





Av. Amazonas N19-14 and Patria, Quito


$140 King deluxe rooms

VALERIA CANO - Coordinadora de Grupos

Alexandra Martínez alexanda.martinez@hiltoncolon.com

15 Dec

Breakfast buffet and internet


Hotel Le Parc



Av. República de El Salvador N34-349 e Irlanda.


Junior suite $161.12
Business suite $197.72
Junior suite double $187.76
Business suite double $224.36


15 Dec

Breakfast buffet, internet all access, use of VIP room,permanent coffee and tea station, welcome drink, 24h room service, snacks from 16:00-18:00





Av. República de El Salvador N36-212 and Naciones Unidas


Single room: $161.63
Sheraton Club $284.85
Sheraton Suite $321.45

Valeria Cordova valeria.cordova@sheratonquito.com, grupos@sheratonquito.com, reservas@sheratonquito.com

15 Dec

Breakfast included Sheraton Signature Bed, Emergency Medical Service, Internet Access (Data Port) Wireless in all hotel rooms, Wireless Internet in public areas, Access to Sheraton Fitness, sauna, steam bath , jacuzzi.





Luis Cordero E11-35 and Av. 12 de Octubre


Superior single room $126.75
Superior double room $142.17
Premium single room $138.95
Premium double room $154.37
Suite single room $163.35
Suite double room $178.77

Verónica Cadena vs.cadena@nh-hotels.com

15 Dec

Includes breakfast


Mercure Hotel Alameda



Roca E4-122 and Av. Amazonas 170150 Quito


$124.75 single room
$136.95 double room
$149.15 deluxe room single

Daniela Tirado gerente_ventas@mercurequito.com.ec

15 Dec

Breakfast and Internet included


IBIS Hotel



Avenida Diego De Almagro E8 19 and Bello Horizonte, 170518 Quito


Queen size bed $67.20
Twin beds (2 people) $78.40
Queen size bed (2 people) $78.40

Daniela Salazar Viteri (Ventas)

Julia Caicedo (Reservaciones)

15 Dec

Free Wi-Fi Internet,Parking lot, Breakfast get up early from 4:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.,Buffet breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.,Breakfast get up late from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.,Restaurant with a la carte food service until 10:30 pm,Snack 24/7,Pub,Business Center,Taxi Service,Laundry and dry cleaning service,Safety boxes available in each room.,Hair dryers in the rooms,Ironing area


Holiday Inn Express



Av. Orellana E6-54 and Reina Victoria, Quito


Superior single room $105.20
Superior double room 2 beds $105.20
Suite $146.61

DANILO LLERENA ventas2@hiequito.com.ec

MICHELLE VOTRUBA reservas@hiequito.com.ec

15 Dec

Breakfast buffet, local calls, Wi-fi access, access to gym, medical assistance, 1 hour of free Business Center use


Wyndham Garden



Alemania E5 103 y Av Republica, Quito


Single room: $100.78
Double room: $114.66

Andrea Torres ventas2@wyndhamgardenquito.com

15 Dec

Breakfast buffet including Free WIFI


GFMD Participants who are staying in any of the following hotels need to make their own transportation arrangements to and from the venue.





Distance from venue

Approximate taxi cost


Price in USD (TTC)

Point of Reference



Suite Junior


Hotel Casa Gangotena




"Bolivar Oe6-41 and Cuenca, Quito"


Luxury rooms:$335.39
Plaza view rooms: $385.79

promotional code for Quito Summit 2019: Tarifa Cumbre Migración y Desarrollo 2019 cavelasco@metrojourneys


Hotel Mama Cuchara




Vicente Rocafuerte E3-250


Luxury Suite: $450
Premium $360
Superior $325
Deluxe $270

promotional code for Summit participants TCMD19 stay@arthotelsecuador.com






"Calle Los Ríos N13-134 and Pasaje, Ascencio Gándara, Quito"


4 Suites with King size bed $176.00
3 rooms with 2 beds $120.00
4 rooms with double bed $120.00
1 two bedroom Suite $176.00 incluidos
3 luxury suites 2 beds $220.00

Pahola Haro mansion@mansiondelangel.com.ec


Hotel Patio Andaluz




García Moreno N6-52 between Mejía and Olmedo




promotional code for Summit: CumbreGlobalMigracion, reservas@cialcotel.com


Hotel Reina Isabel




"Av. Amazonas N23-44 and Veintimilla, Quito"


Standard single $86.90
Standard Double $99.10
Standard Triple $123.50
Suite Premier $123.50

Maria Eulalia Barba ventas@hotelreinaisabel.com


Best Western Hotel ZEN




Av. 6 De Diciembre N26-112 and San Ignacio, Quito





promotional code for Summit: CMZEN2019, reservas@suiteszen.com
Andrés Almagro reservas@suiteszen.com Comercial@suiteszen.com


Hotel Akros




Ave. 6 de Diciembre N34-120




Triple room $117.40, Suite $123.50

promotional code for Summit participants: AKROS68XII, reservaciones@hotelakros.com


Best Western Crown Plaza




Av. Shyris N37-53 and Naciones Unidas, Quito



$105.60 breakfast included

promotional code for Summit participants: XIICUMBREBWQ
Aurora Bravo reservas@bwplazaquito.ec


Hostal de la Rabida




La Rabida 227 and Santa Maria, Quito




$90 breakfast included

promotional code for Summit participants: XII CFMD, info@hostalrabida.com


The Twelfth Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit Meeting will be held on 20-24 January 2020 at Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano in Quito located at Parque Bicentenario in Quito, Ecuador.

Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano

Address: Av. Amazonas y Rio Curaray. Parque Bicentenario. 170104 Quito-Ecuador 

Website: http://www.quitocultura.info/venue/centro-de-convenciones-metropolitano/

Telephone: (+593) (2) 984585995

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/iB5EJcmSKdG9UA3r9

The Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano de Quito was completed only in 2018, under the administration of the Mayor of Quito. Thanks to the generosity of Mayor Mauricio Rodas, the center has been made available free of charge for the GFMD Summit Meeting. It has a capacity to accommodate more than 13,000 people in its 16,400 m2 area. It has two showrooms, one auditorium, and multiple meeting rooms. The Convention Center has been awarded two international certifications that include the LEED green building certification, making it the first public building with sustainable, healthy and cost-saving features. Also, with the GUDC accesability certification, the main conference is wheelchair accessible.

WiFi Connectivity will be available in the entire conference area. There will be complimentary mobile and laptop charging stations.

Simultaneous interpretation services for designated activities will be made available in English, French and Spanish. To avail of interpretation headphones, delegates may be asked to present an official photo ID or passport. In the interest of promoting more interactive discussions, some sessions may be organized according to languages (English, French or Spanish). In such cases, there will be no simultaneous interpretation except when the outcomes of these smaller sessions are reported back in plenary.

For environmental reasons, the Twelth GFMD Summit is a paperless meeting. Please take note that no printing or copying facilities will be made available in the conference building. All meeting related documents will be made available on the GFMD website: www.gfmd.org and via the Mobile App (Android | iOS).

All delegates are requested to bring their own electronic devices, suh as smartphones, tablets or laptops and to download the GFMD Mobile App (free of charge) onto their devices before the conference. They may, if desired, bring their own hard copies of the background papers and other program related documents.

In order to facilitate distribution of presentations during the meeting, participants are requested to e-mail electronic copies of their presentations to the organizers at least two days before the scheduled presentation via (support.unit@gfmd.org).

There will be a catering service available from Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd located at

There will be no restriction on the delegation size of governments and organizations comprising the Friends of the Forum, provided that each delegate has registered according to established modalities (see below) and duly coordinated by their respective focal points.

Please note, however, that separate modalities apply for the participation of representatives from the civil society, business and mayors and local authorities.

All delegations are required to register on or before Friday, 29 November 2019.

The main conference is wheelchair accessible.

Conference Security

The entire venue will be a secured area. Only those with an accreditation badge can access the premises of the conference venue. Every person will be checked at the entrance of the Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano de Quito. Designated entry points for the different GFMD mechanisms will be in place, to be communicated at a later stage.

Participants are requested to arrive at the venue by 13h30 (1:30 in the afternoon) for the inaugural ceremony on 21 January.

For special overflight and landing permits

If delegations would like special permits for entry to the country, they must anticipate their arrival by contacting their closest Diplomatic representation.

Distribution Of Badges

As of Monday 20 January, delegates will be able to pick up their badges at a designated GFMD hotel and/or the Convention center. In all cases, badges will be issued only upon presentation of valid, official ID/passport by the delegate or by a duly authorized representative.

There will be limited space for bilateral or private meeting rooms. Interested States and Organizations are advised to contact Ms. Fernanda Andrade in order to reserve the slots, on a first-come first-serve basis. The delegations who need a room for a bilateral meeting need to confirm their counterpart and the subject of the meeting, this in order to assure that the subject is related to the GFMD agenda.

The time frame for bilateral meetings is Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd , from 09h00 to 17h00.

In order to schedule a bilateral meeting, please contact Fernanda Andrade A. by email: randrade@cancilleria.gob.ec or by phone: +59 3998003833

To promote broad and balanced participation from all regions of the world, limited financial resources may be extended to selected GFMD delegates, subject to availability of funds and according to the usual modalities, namely:

Tier 1:

One (1) government delegate from each Least Developed Country (LDC) and Other Low-income Countries (OLIC), as classified under the OECD Development Assistance Cooperation (DAC) list

The financial assistance to the LDC and OLIC delegates may cover the following:

  • A most direct and cost-efficient economy return air ticket;
  • Hotel accommodation based on actual travel itinerary; and
  • Per diems (DSA): will be determined and announced by the Chair in due course.
Tier 2:

In addition, the Chair may consider funding the participation of one (1) government delegate from some of the low-income developing countries in the OECD DAC list, depending on the availability of funds. Priority will be given to those who have a special role in the Summit activities (e.g., Roundtable Co-Chair, Rapporteur, etc.)

The financial assistance to delegates from low-income developing countries may cover the following:

  • A most direct and cost-efficient economy class return air ticket; and
  • Hotel accommodation based on actual travel itinerary.

How to apply for Financial Assistance:

Please submit the following documents via email to support.unit@gfmd.org or via Fax + 4122 788 4948:

  • An official written, i.e., Note Verbale from the Permanent Mission in Geneva (or New York if there is no PM in Geneva), indicating the nominee of the government’s funded delegate; and
  • A copy of the participant’s passport.

Requests must be submitted no later than Friday, 15 November 2019.

Information about air ticket, flight itinerary, assigned hotels and per diems will be communicated by the GFMD Support Unit to approved funded delegates in due course. Should you have any questions concerning the administration of financial assistance, please contact the GFMD Support Unit via support.unit@gfmd.org.

Transportation services (from the International Airport Mariscal Sucre in Quito, Ecuador to and from the designated GFMD hotels), will not be covered. Transportation arrangements will be made to bring participants to and from the designated hotels to the meeting venue. The transportation schedule will be disseminated in due course. Outside of this schedule, the GFMD cannot provide any other transportation service. Please note, too, that taxi fares will not be reimbursed by the GFMD.

A welcome desk will be set up at the airport (20-21 Jan), at designated GFMD hotels (20-21 Jan), and at the Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano (20 to 24 Jan) to assist GFMD delegations with any information about the Twelfth Summit Meeting or about tourism in Ecuador.

Visitors from most countries do not require visas to enter Ecuador. In order to find out if a visa is required, delegates are advised to visit the Ecuador’s travel advice website here.

Foreigners can enter Ecuador upon presentation of a travel document that proves their identity. Likewise, the immigration control agent must verify the immigration status used by the foreign person at the time of its presentation at the official immigration control point.


  1. Valid and current passport (6 months of validity)
  2. Identity card or DNI, for citizens of South America

Countries that require a visa to enter Ecuador

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Cameroon
  5. Cuba
  6. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  7. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  8. Eritrea
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Gambia
  11. Ghana
  12. Guinea
  13. India
  14. Iraq
  15. Kenya
  16. Libya
  17. Nepal
  18. Nigeria
  19. Pakistan
  20. Senegal
  21. Syria
  22. Somalia
  23. Sri Lanka
  24. Venezuela (as of August 26, 2019)

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended to all travelers (national and international) who include in their travel itinerary or who reside in the provinces of the Ecuadorian Amazon (Napo, Pastaza, Orellana, Sucumbios, Zamora Chinchipe and Morona Santiago); as well as national travelers visiting countries with active yellow fever outbreaks, such as Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. It is worth mentioning that travelers visiting these countries must compulsorily present their international certificate of vaccination according to the rules of the International Health Regulations-IHR. The vaccination guidelines are aimed at all travelers, regardless of their immigration/administrative status (diplomatic, refugee, repatriated, among others).

Visa Application for the Quito GFMD Summit

Here are the guidelines for electronic visa application for the Quito GFMD Summit (20 to 24 January 2020), courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ecuador, at no cost:
  1. Send the following information to this email address visasgfmdquito@cancilleria.gob.ec
    1. Surname and name;
    2. Personal email address
  1. Attach to the email a clear and legible copy of your passport in PDF file, ensuring that it displays the following information:
    1. Passport number;
    2. Full name;
    3. Nationality and Place of birth; and
    4. Issuance and expiration date of the passport;
  1. Upload a passport size photograph in JPEG (.jpeg) format with the following requirements:
    1. The photo is of your head and shoulders, taken in full-face view directly facing the camera;
    2. The photo has a plain white background, and your face is not obscured by shadows;
    3. You are not wearing eyeglasses, hats, or head coverings (unless worn daily for a religious purpose);
    4. The photo is in color and of good quality (minimum 376 x 508 pixels);
    5. The photo has a square or rectangular aspect ratio.
  1. Within five (5) days after you have applied for the GFMD courtesy visa, you will receive a message in your personal email.
    You must:
    1. Verify that your data is spelled correctly. If so, print your visa or save it on your mobile device;
    2. In case there is an error in the written data of your visa, please indicate the changes that must be made to the email indicated above.
  1. Your visa must be presented at boarding ports, if required by the authorities.
  1. Once you enter Ecuadorian territory you must present the VISA to the Ecuadorian migration authority.
This information is also available in Spanish on this link.

Consular officers reserve the right to request additional documents as may be deemed necessary, as well as to reject any application without having to provide any reason.

For any question regarding visa, please write to visasgfmdquito@cancilleria.gob.ec.
  1. Once you enter Ecuadorian territory you must present the VISA to the Ecuadorian migration authority.
This information is also available in Spanish on this link.

Consular officers reserve the right to request additional documents as may be deemed necessary, as well as to reject any application without having to provide any reason.

For any question regarding visa, please write to visasgfmdquito@cancilleria.gob.ec.

The Republic of Ecuador is a country in northwestern South America with a population of over 16,385,068 (2016 estimate). Its diverse landscape encompasses the Amazon jungle, the Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. It is governed as a democratic presidential republic.

Religion and Language

Spanish is the official language and is spoken by a majority of the population, though Amerindian languages are also recognized, including Quichua and Shuar. When it comes to religion, the Ecuadorian society is relatively homogeneous, with Christianity being the primary religion. Roman Catholicism is the main Christian denomination in the country. However, affiliation with Protestant churches is increasing.


Quito is located at the heart of Ecuador. As the capital city with an altitude of 2,850m, it lies over an ancient Incan city that stood upon the highlands, and it was also one of the first Spanish colonial cities in South America. In 1978, it became the first city to be named Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO because of its old town centre, which is considered as one of the largest and best preserved colonial towns in America.


Other highlights outside Quito


Ecuador’s official currency is the US dollar. You may find indicative exchange rates at https://www.xe.com/currency/usd-us-dollar.

Currency exchange services are available at the airport, hotel receptions (for smaller amounts in USD) and currency exchange offices (casa de cambio) that are mainly located at Quito center La Mariscal area: Global Exhange; Inter Euro; Money Exchange,etc.

The majority of commercial establishments accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club.

Banking Hours

Most banks only open from 09:00 until 16:00 Monday to Friday.

  • Banco Pichincha
  • Banco del Pacífico
  • Banco Guayaquil
  • Produbanco


The weather of Ecuador varies by region, due to differences in elevation (2,850m in Quito) and, to a certain degree, proximity to the equator. The weather in Quito is consistent with that of a subtropical highland climate. The city has barely any cool air since it is close to the equator. The average temperature during the day is 70 °F (21 °C), which generally falls to an average of 50 °F (10 °C) at night.


During the morning, it is typically very sunny, but the afternoon and night could get very cold; hence, it is convenient to use long pants and a sweater. It is recommended to always carry an umbrella or a rain jacket.


Ecuador has made significant progress in promoting citizen safety from certain crimes. Nonetheless, delegates are advised to follow some security measures. To avoid being a victim of robbery or pick-pocketing, avoid carrying any valuable things or hailing taxis on the street. Instead, it is highly recommended to use a service affiliated with the delegate’s hotel which are the safest taxi options.

Dial Code and Phone Calls

The international dial for Ecuador is +593. To call Quito, dial the international code (593) + 2.

There are three mobile networks in Ecuador: Claro, Movistar, and CNT. All three operators offer 2G, 3G and 4G prepaid SIM cards which can be bought from shops, supermarkets, kiosks, pharmacies, official stores, and at the airport. To add credit, there are several prepaid SIM card machines around towns and cities, and vouchers are stocked in shops and supermarkets.


Ecuador uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, same as the whole American continent. Plugs are typically the two pronged flat type.

Medical Services in Quito

Allergies and medical conditions

In order to prepare first-aid services provided by the Ministry of Health at the venue and in the designated GFMD hotels, we would invite you to inform us of any food allergies or relevant medical conditions, by email to support.unit@gfmd.org and gfmd-ecuador@cancilleria.gob.ec with the title “GFMD Summit: Allergies and medical conditions”.

Common medical illnesses

Due to the location of Quito at 2800m in altitude , delegates may experience lack of oxygen, difficulty of breathing, tachycardia, dizziness and headaches.

To counteract these effects, some home remedies are recommended such as sugared treats, drinking water and resting in lower altitude places.
If these effects persist, delegates must contact the closest first aid services that will be provided at the venue or contact the emergency numbers below.

Private hospitals
  • Hospital Metropolitano de Quito
    Av. Mariana de Jesús s/n, Quito 170129 (02) 399-8000
  • AXXIS Integral Medical Center
    N39-158 (260 Av. Vozandes and Av. America, 170104 (02) 382-4440
  • Hospital Vozandes
    Villalengua Oe2-37 and Av. 10 de Agosto
    (593)2 3971000
    toll free: 1700 700 700
  • Clínica Internacional
    Av. América N32-82 and Atahualpa
    Av. Interoceànica Km 12.5 and Av. Florencia 1800 VALLES 2977 900

To access the services in the private hospitals, delegates must hold their international medical insurance card, otherwise they will have to pay the bill.

Important Numbers

Emergencies 911
Red Cross 131
Police 101
Firefighters 102
Information 104

International Airport Mariscal Sucre: +593 (2) 395-4200
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (593 2) 299 3200

You will find on this link the interactive map showing the location of strategic points, places of interest and hotels used by GFMD Delegates for the 2019 Summit in Quito.

You will find below the indicative distance and travel time from the conference venue.


Indicative distances from conference venue (Centro de Convenciones)

Indicative travel time (by car)

Key Points

Quito Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport

13.1 km

26 minutes


Hotel Hilton Colon Quito

8.4 km

15 minutes

Hotel Mercure Alameda Quito

8.4 km

16 minutes

Hotel Swissôtel Quito

8.7 km

16 minutes

Hotel JW Marriott Hotel Quito

7.1 km

13 minutes

Media Accreditation

Media accreditation is required to cover the Twelfth GFMD Summit Meeting. Members of the press (print, photo, radio, television, film, news agencies and online media) are invited to cover the following segments of this high level intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder meeting:

  • Summit Opening Session (21 Jan from 15h00 to 17h00)
  • Common Space Opening Session (23 Jan from 09h00 to 10h30)
  • Common Space Closing Session (23 Jan from 17h00 to 18h00)
  • Closing Session (23 Jan from 18h00 to 19h00)

Delegations that intend to bring media representative(s) must ensure that the latter is duly accredited.

For general inquiries about the Twelfth GFMD Summit Meeting (logistics, administrative, coordination, etc.) please contact the GFMD Support Unit via email support.unit@gfmd.org or telephone: +4122 788 49 46 / +4122 788 49 47.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador
Myriam Lilibeth Romero Salazar
Tel: (+593) 2993200 extension: 13252
Email: mromero@cancilleria.gob.ec

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador/ GFMD Task Force
Ms. Daniela León
Tel: (+593) 2993200 extension: 13256
Email: t-dleon@cancilleria.gob.ec

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador/ GFMD Task Force
Ms. Milena Vucinic
Tel: (+593) 2993200 extension: 13255
Email: t-mvucinic@cancilleria.gob.ec

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