H.E. Md. Shahidul Haque

Foreign Secretary, Bangladesh
Chair, GFMD 2016


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  • Date posted: Tuesday, 14 June 2016

    2nd Preparatory Meetings in Geneva (17-19 May 2016)

    There was a generally engaging tone when policy makers and diplomats from member states, prominent speakers and representatives from international organizations and from the civil society gathered for the 2nd round of preparatory meetings of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) 2016 in Geneva on May 17-19. In a period marked by pressing migrants and refugees’ issues, the Bangladesh GFMD Chair convened a series of meetings to bring member states up to speed with the latest developments and upcoming migration-related events, particularly the 9th GFMD Summit to be held in Dhaka on 10-12 December 2016.

    Call for a Global Compact on Migration

    Ambassador Shahidul Haque, Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh and GFMD 2016 Chair, led the successive discussions of the GFMD Troika (comprised of past GFMD Chair Turkey and incoming 2017-2018 Chairs Morocco and Germany), the Steering Group and the Friends of the Forum on May 17. Read more

    Thematic Workshop on Migration for Harmonious Societies

    On 18 May, Ambassador Shameem Ahsan, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UNOG, opened the 2nd GFMD 2016 Thematic Workshop on “Migration for Harmonious Societies” by asking the question: “Is diversity meaning lack of harmony or cohesion in the society, or is it the seed that can germinate into harmony and contribute to creativity and thereby, enhance development?” Read more

    Roundtable Preparatory Meetings - A foretaste of Dhaka

    The three-day marathon of meetings continued with the preparatory meetings of the six GFMD 2016 government-led Roundtable sessions on May 19. These 6 RT sessions are focused on topics that evoke the increasing difficulties affecting migrants and the challenges to governments and other migration and development actors: namely, reducing the cost of migration; connectivity and migration; migration, diversity and harmonious societies; protection of migrants in all situations; migrants in situation of crises; governance of migration. Read more

    GFMD-CMW Side Event on Migrants

    The day ended with the joint GFMD-GMG Side Event on Migrants, a panel discussion on the rights and welfare of migrants, challenges faced by women and children in the context of international migration, labour exploitation, and the importance of the international normative human rights framework. In his opening address, Ambassador Jose Brillantes, Chair of the CMW highlighted the relevance and importance of the Convention of the Protection of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and insisted on the need of a wider ratification. Read more


GFMD 2014-2015 Chair

H.E. Mr. Feridun Hadi Sinirlioğlu

H.E. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Turkey
Chair, GFMD 2014-2015

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