Welcome to the Platform for Partnerships (PfP)

What can you find in the PFP?

The PfP features government’s policies and programs (M&D Practices) that have been inspired by GFMD discussions and recommendations.

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Who are the actors/partners of Governments in M&D Practices?

You can find the implementers of the practices available on the website and, where available, an internet link.

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Where are the different M&D Practices around the world?

Find the different practices by region via the interactive world map.

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How to contribute and benefit from the PfP?

You can find out how you can give your contribution to the PfP and also how each of the 4 different sections might inspire and benefit your own actions.

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The M&D Policy and Practice Database (M&D PPD) provides a dynamic, solid and searchable tool that showcases the wide range of M&D practices shared throughout the GFMD process since 2007.

You can learn about concrete GFMD-inspired policy tools created by other participating governments, international agencies and M&D experts that can help inform your policy- decisions, laws and institutional structures.

You can view and suggest new project ideas, seek and offer partners, funding, contributions, proposals, participation, and more.

You can maintain a GFMD account and view profiles of other GFMD users who you may wish to partner with or consult in the framework of the GFMD/PfP.