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Rwandan Diaspora Guide

2030 Agenda migration-relevant and related target Labels: 
Subgoal 10.c on the reduction of remittances costs
Subgoal 17.18 on migration-disaggregated data-collection
Targets that could benefit from the potential of migration and migrants
GCM Thematic Cluster Areas: 
Contributions of migrants and diasporas
Capacity Building, Diaspora, Diaspora investment and entrepreneurship, Migration, Trade and Investments, Remittances

The Rwandan Diaspora Guide provides information to Rwandan Diaspora on national procedures and opportunities. Information is included on diaspora mobilisation and advocacy, knowledge transfer, money transfer, business or investment opportunities and available facilities for Rwandan Diaspora.

GFMD Source: 

The Rwandan Diaspora Guide is a relevant concrete practice to share with other governments in the context of various discussions that took place during subsequent GFMD meetings, in particular during the following roundtable-sessions:

  • GFMD 2009 - Roundtable 1.2 on "Engaging diasporas and migrants in development policies and programs–Their role? Their constraints?"
  • GFMD 2008 - Roundtable 1.2 on "Empowering Migrants and Diaspora to Contribute to Development"
  • GFMD 2007 - Roundtable 2.4 on "Working with the Diaspora for Development"

In particular relevant in this regards is a recommendation that came out of the latter roundtable:

"Enhance links between diasporas and countries or origin, including over generations, through regular dialogue and information channels (formal or informal, political involvement) and provide accurate information to diasporas about development and investment opportunities in countries of origin" (GFMD 2007 2.4/3)

Thematic Recollection RT: 
  • GFMD 2007 - Roundtable 2.4 on "Working with the Diaspora for Development"