Legazpi City: Expanded Help Desk for Overseas Filipino Workers

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Legazpi City commits to provide services to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their families through a Municipal Help Desk and to expand the Help Desk services in 2023 to support pre-migration orientation seminars and improved access to health care.
The Municipal OFW Help Desk:
Engages with civil society and the Filipino diaspora to monitor the needs of OFWs and to map stakeholders.
Compiles information on government services and informs prospective OFWs on the processes and risks of overseas employment.

Municipality of Straseni

The Municipality of Straseni commits to facilitate refugees and host communities’ access to information about their rights. The municipality will launch an information and awareness-raising campaign about refugees’ and migrants’ rights, which will be complemented by a series of workshops and legal consulting sessions for refugees. Other activities to support refugee inclusion, such as visits to local museums for refugee children, will also be implemented in parallel.

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Laguna Province Establishes a One Stop Migration Resource Center

Laguna Province establishes a “One Stop Migration Resource Center”, which serves as the hub for information and support to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families.

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Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development (M4SD) – IOM-UNDP joint global programme

The M4SD Programme (2019-2023) aimed to harness the development benefits and reduce the negative effects of migration for host and home communities, migrants, and their family members. A key component of this Programme was to showcase how inclusive policies can be implemented locally and how the results contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Whole-of-government approach in Serbia

In Serbia,  the national and local governments are working together and across several policy areas including youth, migration, employment and education sectors. The National Employment Strategy, Economic Migration Strategy, National Youth Strategy and National Youth Law all include mobility considerations and aim to provide opportunities for youth at home and abroad.

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National Strategy on Internal Displacement Management

This strategy has been developed with a view to managing climate-induced internal displacement (CIID) in a comprehensive and rights-based manner. It is part of the action plan for the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) to implement the Sendai Framework. This  comprenhensive approach to displacement would ensure sustainable outcomes as it is in line with the GoB’s Social Development Framework (SDF) and other national and international DRR, CCA policy frameworks. Most importantly, the GoB is committed to implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


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EU Commission working document Addressing displacement and migration related to disasters, climate change and environmental degradation

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This Staff Working Document provides an overview and assessment of existing EU policies, instruments and practices addressing displacement and migration of populations caused by disasters , the adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation. This document underlines the increased exposure to disasters and the consequences of the current state of management of natural resources and weakened ecosystems.

ASEAN Declaration on The Protection of Migrant Workers and Family Members in Crisis Situations

The Declaration recognises the need to provide humanitarian assistance to all migrants and their family members—regardless of their legal status— during crisis situations. It encourages the ASEAN Member States to include migrant workers and their families in all stages of crisis management and ensure they have access to continuing support.

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