About the GFMD

Created in 2007, the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) is a state-led, informal and non-binding process, which helps shape the global debate on migration and development. It provides a flexible, multi-stakeholder space where governments can discuss the multi-dimensional aspects, opportunities and challenges related to migration, development, and the link between these two areas. The GFMD process allows governments - in partnership with civil society, the private sector, local and regional governments, youth, the UN system and other relevant stakeholders – to analyze and discuss sensitive issues, create consensus, pose innovative solutions, and share policy and practices.

GFMD Activities

Upcoming Events

early 2024, GFMD XIV Summit

24-25 October 2023, Third Preparatory Meetings, Geneva & Hybrid

28 June 2023, Workshop on Environmental Displacement, Paris

27 June 2023, Museum Event, Paris

18-19 April 2023, Second Preparatory Meetings, Geneva & Hybrid

29 March 2023, Thematic Workshop on Climate Change and Labour Migration, Geneva & Hybrid

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