PA'LANTE: A Comprehensive Approach to Achieve Socio-economic, Cultural and Urban Integration of Migrant and Refugee Families in Barranquilla

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Barranquilla commits to implement the PA'LANTE project from June 2023-December 2024 to support 500 migrant and refugee families with a comprehensive service approach to support their socioeconomic, cultural, and urban integration.

The Language Services Collaborative Initiative of Salt Lake County: A Pathway to Ensure Equitable Access to Services for All Residents

Salt Lake County commits to enhance access to services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Residents through a ‘Language Services Collaborative Initiative’.
The Utah Department of Health has shown that the estimated population of LEP Residents within the county exceeds 200.000, of which 33% state that they speak English less than “very well.” This lack of English proficiency puts these residents at risk to be underserved by county services.

Ms. Anqi ZHANG

Study on best practices in irregular migration awareness-raising campaigns

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DG HOME commissioned a study to Ecorys to assess the validity of communication campaigns as an effective tool for migration management. The study presents best practices from 20 existing campaigns, and seeks to highlight ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of future campaigns. The final report presents the cumulative results of the two phases of this study. First, the report presents key findings on research and design, delivery and working methods, and monitoring and evaluation methods. Second, the key findings are followed by recommendations.

E-Mindful Project

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Aware of the divisive potential of an increasing polarized public discourse on migration, the project will pool lessons from selected awareness-raising campaigns on migration. Such analysis will offer evidence-based grounds to develop innovative prototypes of awareness-raising/edutainment formats in collaboration with communication experts at the national level, including University faculties of semiotics, communication and marketing, schools of journalism/TV/radio and art.

eMigrate portal

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Launched in 2014, eMigrate is an integrated,
common digital electronic platform that
provides a link between key stakeholders such as the:
- Protector General of Emigrants (PGE);
- Protector of Emigrants (PoE);
- Indian diplomatic missions;
- Bureau of Immigration;
- Passport Seva (the passport service);
- PRAs;
- Foreign employers;
- Emigrant workers; and
- Insurance agencies

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