Study on best practices in irregular migration awareness-raising campaigns

DG HOME commissioned a study to Ecorys to assess the validity of communication campaigns as an effective tool for migration management. The study presents best practices from 20 existing campaigns, and seeks to highlight ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of future campaigns. The final report presents the cumulative results of the two phases of this study. First, the report presents key findings on research and design, delivery and working methods, and monitoring and evaluation methods. Second, the key findings are followed by recommendations.

Ms. Anqi ZHANG

EU Commission working document Addressing displacement and migration related to disasters, climate change and environmental degradation

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This Staff Working Document provides an overview and assessment of existing EU policies, instruments and practices addressing displacement and migration of populations caused by disasters , the adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation. This document underlines the increased exposure to disasters and the consequences of the current state of management of natural resources and weakened ecosystems.

ASEAN Declaration on The Protection of Migrant Workers and Family Members in Crisis Situations

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The Declaration recognises the need to provide humanitarian assistance to all migrants and their family members—regardless of their legal status— during crisis situations. It encourages the ASEAN Member States to include migrant workers and their families in all stages of crisis management and ensure they have access to continuing support.

Declarations on Portability of Social Security Benefits for Migrant Workers in ASEAN

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The adoption of the ASEAN Declaration on Portability of Social Security Benefits for Migrant Workers in ASEAN is the realisation of the ASEAN Leaders’ commitments made in the 2007 Cebu Declaration and the 2017 ASEAN Consensus on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers. It also reflects the concerted efforts of the Member States to transform ASEAN into a community that is people-centred, inclusive, sustainable, resilient, and dynamic as stated in the ASEAN 2025 Vision.

Kampala Ministerial Declaration on Migration, Environment and Climate Change for Eastern and Horn of Africa State

The Kampala Ministerial Declaration on Migration, Environment, and Climate Change (KDMECC) outlines 12 commitments by its signatory countries to address the effects of climate change on human mobility in the East and Horn of Africa region.

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Citizens Perception Laboratory on Migration

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Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the Citizens Perception Laboratory on Migration, which analyses social media interaction, research, and other sources of information with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to provide insights into how migration is perceived in Latin America and the Caribbean. This initiative offers information, resources and tools to accompany governments in their response to xenophobia.

Hacking Narratives

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ëHacking Narrativesí is a campaign that promotes a transforming approach on narratives on migrants and refugees, through a microdocumentary film and a related podcast.

Hola America

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Hola AmÈrica is a program of 2811 and Ashoka that seeks to promote social innovations focused on migration, in order to offer better solutions to the problems that afflict different migrant and refugee communities in Latin America.

EUROMED Migration V (EMM5)

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In the framework of the EUROMED Migration V project, trainings to sensitise journalists and media professionals about the benefits of promoting a balanced narrative on migration are organised. Public Communicatorsí Workshops are developed to highlight the central role of public communicators in informing the public debate on migration, and in shaping people's perceptions of migration.

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