PA'LANTE: A Comprehensive Approach to Achieve Socio-economic, Cultural and Urban Integration of Migrant and Refugee Families in Barranquilla

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Barranquilla commits to implement the PA'LANTE project from June 2023-December 2024 to support 500 migrant and refugee families with a comprehensive service approach to support their socioeconomic, cultural, and urban integration.

Montréal Inclusive au Travail 2022-2024 (Montréal Inclusive at Work) Initiative: Promoting Migrant and Refugee Integration Through a City-Led Podcast

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Montréal deepens its commitment to implement the Montréal Inclusive au Travail 2022-2024 (Montréal Inclusive at Work) initiative, first pledged to the Call to Local Action in 2022, by launching a podcast - “Biais d’Entrée” (Entry Bias). The podcast aims to support Montréal companies in developing effective welcoming strategies for migrants and refugees and making their companies more diverse and inclusive.

Strengthening Maipú’s Governance Capacity to Promote Social Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

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Maipú Municipality commits to strengthen its local capacity to govern migration and forced displacement in a way that promotes social inclusion and peaceful coexistence between migrant and refugee families and other members of the community.

Moroccan Dialect Classes in Terrassa, Spain: Equipping Teachers with Language, Intercultural, and Anti-Racist Skills

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The City of Terrassa commits to implement an anti-racist and intercultural educational strategy by providing language and cultural training to its primary and secondary grade teachers.

Facilitated by professionals, these courses were developed to meet the needs of Terrassa’s Moroccan population, which represents the largest foreign population (6.13% of the city's inhabitants, with a distribution of up to 40% in some neighbourhoods). The courses help teachers acquire basic language skills to improve interaction with their students of Moroccan origin and their families.


A Global Voice for Autism – working to equip refugee and conflict-effected communities with the skills to support development and success of children on the autism spectrum - has created an application Include2020 which serves as a virtual centre for educators, researchers, learners, and inclusivity professionals, and also offers offline educational content access in English and Arabic. As of 2021 they have served more than 16,000 children, parents and teachers across the world through their capacity-building support and advocacy program.

Ms. Anqi ZHANG

Citizens Perception Laboratory on Migration

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Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the Citizens Perception Laboratory on Migration, which analyses social media interaction, research, and other sources of information with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to provide insights into how migration is perceived in Latin America and the Caribbean. This initiative offers information, resources and tools to accompany governments in their response to xenophobia.

EUROMED Migration V (EMM5)

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In the framework of the EUROMED Migration V project, trainings to sensitise journalists and media professionals about the benefits of promoting a balanced narrative on migration are organised. Public Communicatorsí Workshops are developed to highlight the central role of public communicators in informing the public debate on migration, and in shaping people's perceptions of migration.

Let's Talk Migration

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@letstalkmigration is an online Instagram community with around 1,800 young members and growing sharing tools and tips on how to change the often negative narratives on migration in their communities.

The campaign ëEverybody knows something that you donít knowí, launched by the Migration Youth and Children Platform on TikTok, allows for the engagement of young people to discuss complex ideas and phenomena (such as migration), and may contribute to promoting nuanced narratives.

eMigrate portal

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Launched in 2014, eMigrate is an integrated,
common digital electronic platform that
provides a link between key stakeholders such as the:
- Protector General of Emigrants (PGE);
- Protector of Emigrants (PoE);
- Indian diplomatic missions;
- Bureau of Immigration;
- Passport Seva (the passport service);
- PRAs;
- Foreign employers;
- Emigrant workers; and
- Insurance agencies

Musaned system

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Established in 2015, Saudi Arabiaís Musaned is the online digital recruitment platform for domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. Overseen by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MoHRSD), Musaned has provided the MoHRSD with a wide range of data and tools to enhance their monitoring capabilities over the employment of migrant domestic workers.

Musaned was established, in part, to address issues faced by migrant domestic workers, including unethical or illegal recruitment and employment practices in Saudi Arabia

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