Facilitating Dual Nationality, Preventing Statelessness, and Promoting Inclusion for Foreign-Born Children and their Families in the State of Tlaxcala

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The State of Tlaxcala commits to ensure effective access to the right to identify for individuals born abroad through the elimination of the requirement to present an apostilled foreign birth certificate in order to obtain dual nationality.

Work Permit to undocumented migrants

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Thailand said it would allow undocumented migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to work in the country legally for about two years to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Migrants have to sign up online and be registered by an employer before mid-September in order to receive a work permit until February 2023, according to a resolution by the cabinet.

Temporary Protection Status in Colombia

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The Temporary Protection Status (TPS) is expected to benefit over 1.8 million Venezuelans currently living in Colombia and others entering via official checkpoints over the course of two years. The creation of the TPS is an unprecedented event in the country's history and the region because it allows eligible Venezuelans to regularize their stay and reside in Colombia for ten years, which includes accessing a full range of rights such as identification documents, healthcare, education, formal employment, and financial inclusion, among others.

Operacao Acolhida (Operation Welcome)

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In order to guarantee humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Roraima, Venezuela's main gateway to Brazil, the federal government created Operation Welcome in 2018.

A large humanitarian task force executed and coordinated by the federal government with the support of federal entities, UN agencies, international organisations, civil society organisations and private entities, totalling more than 100 partners, the Operation offers emergency assistance to Venezuelan refugees and migrants entering Brazil via the border with Roraima.

Immigration measures and support for Ukrainians and their families

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Canada's commitment to assisting individuals impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and their families in the country. Canada remains dedicated to ongoing initiatives aimed at offering a secure temporary haven for those compelled to leave their homes.

Temporary Protection for People fleeing the conflict in Ukraine

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The EU Temporary Protection Directive has now been activated in response to the Ukraine crisis. The Directive is an emergency provision designed to quickly and humanely respond to the mass displacement of Ukrainian people by Russian aggression.

Ireland participates in this measure, which has been given legal effect under Section 60 of the International Protection Act 2015.

COVID-19: Government grants residence to immigrants and asylum seekers

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Portugal granted temporary residence status to more than 350 000 migrants, providing them full access to health care and social support. During this time, Portugal also granted universal access to COVID-19 vaccinations, vaccinating 600 000 migrants, including people without documentation.

Regularization process of Venezuelan migrants

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Ecuador began a year-long regularization process for thousands of Venezuelan migrants who are undocumented or lack visas or a legal right to stay in the country.

Thousands of Venezuelans have entered Ecuador in recent years, fleeing the economic crisis in their country. Many of them use the Andean nation as a transit country to others in South America such as Peru and Chile.

Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection

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Launched at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California in June 2022, the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection seeks to mobilize the entire region around bold actions that will transform our approach to managing migration in the Americas.

The Los Angeles Declaration is organized around four key pillars:
- Stability and Assistance for Communities
- Regular Pathways for Migration and International Protection
- Humane Migration Management
- Promoting a Coordinated Emergency Response

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