The Language Services Collaborative Initiative of Salt Lake County: A Pathway to Ensure Equitable Access to Services for All Residents

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Salt Lake County commits to enhance access to services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Residents through a ‘Language Services Collaborative Initiative’.
The Utah Department of Health has shown that the estimated population of LEP Residents within the county exceeds 200.000, of which 33% state that they speak English less than “very well.” This lack of English proficiency puts these residents at risk to be underserved by county services.

Strengthening Maipú’s Governance Capacity to Promote Social Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

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Maipú Municipality commits to strengthen its local capacity to govern migration and forced displacement in a way that promotes social inclusion and peaceful coexistence between migrant and refugee families and other members of the community.

The City of Dallas Community Ambassador Program: Facilitating Access to Information and Services for Linguistically Diverse Communities

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The City of Dallas commits to implement the Community Ambassadors Programme. Rooted in Dallas’ Welcoming Strategic Plan, this programme aims to raise awareness of municipal services in linguistically diverse communities and to enhance communication between the city and its residents.

In collaboration with local non-profits, the City of Dallas has recruited immigrant residents as community ambassadors, engaging them directly in neighbourhoods that host high numbers of migrants and refugees.

Laguna Province Establishes a One Stop Migration Resource Center

Laguna Province establishes a “One Stop Migration Resource Center”, which serves as the hub for information and support to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families.

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Carmen de La Legua: Municipal Plan of Local Action to Build a Future with Migrants and Refugees 2023 - 2026

The municipal government of Carmen de la Legua commits to the implementation of a Municipal Plan of Local Action to build a future with Migrants and Refugees 2023-2026, which will allow:

Contribute to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and promote evidence-based public discourse.
Promote the mainstreaming of migration and forced displacement in municipal services, as well as in local, regional, and multilateral partnerships as a mechanism to increase cooperation between cities.

Specifically, this plan prioritizes, among other things:

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Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development (M4SD) – IOM-UNDP joint global programme

The M4SD Programme (2019-2023) aimed to harness the development benefits and reduce the negative effects of migration for host and home communities, migrants, and their family members. A key component of this Programme was to showcase how inclusive policies can be implemented locally and how the results contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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L'Union des Ambassadeurs

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The Union des Ambassadeurs is a network of Euro-Malian entrepreneurs and professionals who have decided to settle and live in Mali, and who have joined forces to make this new adventure as easy as possible.

Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana

In sub-Saharan Africa and in particular in Ghana, adverse drivers of migration include natural and human-made crises, rural poverty, food insecurity, inequality, unemployment, lack of social protection as well as natural resources depletion due to environmental degradation and climate change, which are some underlying causes of out migration.

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