Pledge of the City of Zürich to the European Pillar of Social Rights: Ensuring access to municipal services for all

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The City of Zürich commits to improve access to all its municipal services with a special focus on vulnerable groups. Limited access can affect people with disabilities, older people, people experiencing poverty, refugees or migrants, for example. Among those, migrants with irregular status are particularly vulnerable. In this vein, Zurich commits to:

National Health and Immigration Strategic Plan

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In Morocco, the National Health and Immigration Strategic Plan mandates that all migrants (documented or undocumented) have the right to access free or low-cost essential health care. This national framework is localized through regional policies like the Oriental Regional Health Strategy, which jointly provide the legal foundations for community well-being.

Work Permit to undocumented migrants

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Thailand said it would allow undocumented migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to work in the country legally for about two years to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Migrants have to sign up online and be registered by an employer before mid-September in order to receive a work permit until February 2023, according to a resolution by the cabinet.

Guidance on Bilateral labour migration agreements

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It contains practical guidance grounded in international labour and human rights standards and drawing from real examples around the world. It shows how social dialogue benefits the development, implementation and monitoring of these agreements, and can be used as a basis for training and preparing for negotiation of bilateral labour migration agreements.

Operacao Acolhida (Operation Welcome)

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In order to guarantee humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Roraima, Venezuela's main gateway to Brazil, the federal government created Operation Welcome in 2018.

A large humanitarian task force executed and coordinated by the federal government with the support of federal entities, UN agencies, international organisations, civil society organisations and private entities, totalling more than 100 partners, the Operation offers emergency assistance to Venezuelan refugees and migrants entering Brazil via the border with Roraima.

COVID-19: Government grants residence to immigrants and asylum seekers

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Portugal granted temporary residence status to more than 350 000 migrants, providing them full access to health care and social support. During this time, Portugal also granted universal access to COVID-19 vaccinations, vaccinating 600 000 migrants, including people without documentation.

Promising Practices in the Provision Of Essential Services to Migrants

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The document provides practical examples on how migrants are included in the provision of services in the field of health, housing, ducation, vocational training, and basic public services such as water and sanitation. A dedicated section of the report, also includes examples of multi-sector migrant services in the context of the pandemic of COVID-19.

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