Welcoming San José Plan 2.0: Moving toward Civic, Economic, Linguistic, and Social Inclusion 2021-2024

Submitted by Ms. Anqi ZHANG on

This action was submitted through the GFMD Mayors Mechanism Call to Local Action for Migrants and Refugees.
The Welcoming San José Plan is a community-derived set of 23 strategies across four core pillars which aim to facilitate and accelerate immigrant inclusion in civic, economic, linguistic, and social aspects of life in San José and ensure that immigrants and refugees are engaged, respected, and have opportunities to reach their fullest potential.
The Four Pillars of the Welcoming San José Plan are:

Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities Project (LIUPCP)

Submitted by Ms. Anqi ZHANG on

This action was submitted through the GFMD Mayors Mechanism Call to Local Action for Migrants and Refugees.
As many rural landless poor continue to move to the cities to escape the effects of climate change, in search of jobs and economic opportunities. The LIUPCP will addressing the issues through community empowerment, skills, livelihood and small scale infrastructure to tackle the urban poverty. The project aims to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable growth by reducing urban poverty.

National Observatory of Migration and Health

Submitted by Ms. Anqi ZHANG on

In response to the migratory crisis that Colombia has experienced since 2015 due to the migratory flow from Venezuela. Taking into account the need that the Colombian State has to consolidate at the national level timely, and pertinent information on the characterization of the migrant population. Its situation of health, and access to health for the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of health care programs, strategies, and projects. The Ministry of Health, and Social Protection launched on December 2th, 2020 the National Observatory of Migration and Health.

Diaspora investment in sustainable rural youth entrepreneurship in Mali

Submitted by Ms. Anqi ZHANG on

Through its Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR), IFAD is working to mobilize Malian migrant investment to encourage economic development entrepreneurism and employment in Mali, and to stimulate the economic inclusion of young Malians and offer them an alternative to migration, particularly in rural areas.

Banking on women

Submitted by Ms. Angelica Pinzon on

Across Latin America and the Caribbean, Banking on Women helps financial institutions offer women entrepreneurs financial and non-financial services such as advisory support. Through Banking on Women, IFC has supported female entrepreneurs with direct investments, mobilized investments, and advice through banks in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Mexico.



FAO Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE)

Submitted by Ms. Charlotte … on

FAO Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) initiative addresses energy needs during emergencies and protracted crises, and builds resilient livelihoods in a sustainable manner. The work of the SAFE project in this area can have important multiplier effects – from better food security, nutrition and health, to the sustainable management of natural resources, greater resilience to climate change and natural hazards, and increased livelihood opportunities. 

Handbook for Armenians Abroad

Submitted by Mr. Camille Saadé on

The Handbook for Armenians Abroad was published in 2010 by the Armenian Ministry of Diaspora with the support of the ILO-EU project 'Towards Sustainable Partnerships for the Effective Governance of Labour Migration in the Russian Federation, the Caucasus and Central Asia'.

National Remittance Plan (Republic of Korea)

Submitted by Mr. Camille Saadé on

The Republic of Korea has built infrastructure that directly links national remittance service providers with those in receiving countries to provide real-time remittance services at affordable costs, through the removal of intermediary services such as SWIFT and the establishment of bilateral partnerships between clearing and settlement institutions (e.g. the Korea Financial Telecommunications and clearing institutions). 

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