Empowering Migrants and Refugees by Offering Inclusive Portuguese Language Courses and Promoting Intercultural Sialogue in São Leopoldo

São Leopoldo commits to implement "Teaching Portuguese as a Host Language” (PLAc, in Portuguese), a course designed for migrants and refugees to facilitate their knowledge of the Portuguese language and foster an understanding of the Brazilian culture.

Ms. Anqi ZHANG

Red Global MX ("Global Network MX")

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The MX Global Network ("Red Global MX") brings together a large group of Mexican women and men abroad interested in using their professional and academic qualifications, on a voluntary and non-profit basis, to serve the development of Mexico and its integration into the knowledge economy. The MX Global Network is made up of local Chapters with autonomy of management and action and has a significant presence globally and in Europe in particular.

Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities Project (LIUPCP)

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This action was submitted through the GFMD Mayors Mechanism Call to Local Action for Migrants and Refugees

As many rural landless poor continue to move to the cities to escape the effects of climate change, in search of jobs and economic opportunities. The LIUPCP will addressing the issues through community empowerment, skills, livelihood and small scale infrastructure to tackle the urban poverty. The project aims to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable growth by reducing urban poverty.

National Observatory of Migration and Health

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In response to the migratory crisis that Colombia has experienced since 2015 due to the migratory flow from Venezuela. Taking into account the need that the Colombian State has to consolidate at the national level timely, and pertinent information on the characterization of the migrant population. Its situation of health, and access to health for the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of health care programs, strategies, and projects. The Ministry of Health, and Social Protection launched on December 2th, 2020 the National Observatory of Migration and Health.

Evaluation and certification of middle skilled workers

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Mexico has been implementing programs to evaluate and certify middle skilled workers for migrants with relatively lower levels of formal education but who have acquired significant and complex skills through on-the-job learning. Migrants that fit this profile include, for example, skilled construction workers, experienced garment manufacturers, workers in the high-end service and hospitality industry, and home-health care providers.

Effective management of health workers migration

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Programmes promoting effective management of health workers' migration, health system capacity building, and skill/knowledge transfer from the diaspora are underway in Somalia, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Ghana. 

In Somalia, IOM’s "Migration for Development in Africa" (MIDA) is an ongoing capacity-building programme, which helps to mobilize competencies acquired by African nationals abroad for the benefit of Africa's development. 

Making work permits available to the partners of expatriate staff

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The independent, not-for-profit organization 'Permits Foundation' campaigns to improve work permit regulations in countries around the world to make it easier for partners of expatriate staff to work in their country of temporary residence. According to the Permits Foundation, allowing the partners of highly skilled employees associated with international business, investment and development to work creates a 'triple win' for host countries, employers and migrant families. 

Recognition Act

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The Federal Recognition Act simplifies and standardises procedures for the evaluation of foreign professional or vocational qualifications governed by Federal Law and opens up such procedures to target groups not previously entitled to pursue such a route


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