The Support Unit

The GFMD Support Unit (SU) was established in 2008 to provide essential administrative, financial and logistical support to the GFMD Chair-in-Office. Since then, the SU has performed its multi-pronged mandate that includes: liaising with GFMD actors; maintaining the archives of the GFMD; organizing preparatory activities of the Forum, consisting of the Troika, Steering Group and Friends of the Forum meetings, thematic workshops, meetings of the GFMD ad Hoc Working Groups, and the Summit Meeting; preparing reports of all GFMD proceedings; managing internationally contributed funds; and managing GFMD’s communications channels, including the GFMD Mobile App. Since 2010, the GFMD Support Unit has also administered the GFMD Platform for Partnerships, an initiative aimed at fostering the exchange of practices and policies undertaken by state and non-state actors.

In accordance with the GFMD Operating Modalities, the GFMD Support Unit is attached to and supervised by the GFMD Chair-in-Office. Since it started its operation in February 2009, it has been hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva, which has no influence on the activities and responsibilities of the Forum.