GFMD Focal Points Directory

Below are the GFMD Focal Points for: World Health Organization

  1. Mr.
    Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
  2. Mr.
    Mr. Michel Thieren
  3. Mr.
    Mr. Santino Severoni
  4. Ms.
    Ms. Mariana Crespo
  5. Ms.
    Ms. Felicity Pocklington
    Health and Migration
    Department of Service Delivery & Safety (SDS), Health Systems & Innovation Cluster (HIS) World Health Organization
  6. Mr.
    Mr. Kanokporn Kaojaroen
    Migration and Health Officer
    Service Delivery and Safety

Please to access the contact details in this directory, which contains information on National Focal Points, Focal Points at International Organizations and other governmental representatives and observers.