Regional guidelines on the protection and assistance of cross-border displaced persons and migrants in countries affected by disasters

Addressing displacement in the context of disasters and the adverse effects of climate change has been part of the regional agenda of the South American Conference on Migration (SACM) in recent years.

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Simulation Exercise on Admission and Stay in Cross-Border Disaster Displacement

Government officials and humanitarian actors participated in two three-day simulation exercises, one between Kenya-Ethiopia (3-5 May 2023) and one between Uganda-Kenya (9-11 May 2023). These exercises were aimed to test and validate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on admission and stay in cross-border disaster displacement contexts. Its objective was to offer pragmatic guidance for the two countries on improving collaboration in preparation for, and response to, sudden-onset hazards such as floods and landslides, which occur frequently in this region.

Ms. Anqi ZHANG
Risk Models Disaster Displacement

A number of UN agencies and partners established a Joint Programme funded under the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) to improve regional and national migration governance in the context of the adverse impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. To enhance this governance, evidence is key. The Joint Programme has therefore supported these studies. Among the sudden onset hazards that are relevant in determining such displacement figures in the IGAD region, floods and cyclones play an important role.

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Project to Avert, Minimize and Address Disaster Displacement

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The Project to Avert, Minimize and Address Disaster Displacement (PAMAD) aims to develop a better understanding of displacement in the context of losses and damages associated with climate change and support measures aimed at averting, minimizing and addressing displacement and its impacts for vulnerable people and communities.

Develop a better understanding of displacement in the context of losses and damages associated with climate change

Words into Action guidelines – Disaster displacement: How to reduce risk, address impacts and strengthen resilience

This Words into Action guide offers practical guidance to help government authorities integrate disaster displacement and other related forms of human mobility into regional, national, sub-national and local DRR strategies in accordance with Target (E) of the Sendai Framework, to revise or develop DRR strategies by 2020. It provides basic background information and highlights the various roles DRR and DRM can play in reducing, preparing for and responding to disaster displacement.

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Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development (M4SD) – IOM-UNDP joint global programme

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The M4SD Programme (2019-2023) aimed to harness the development benefits and reduce the negative effects of migration for host and home communities, migrants, and their family members. A key component of this Programme was to showcase how inclusive policies can be implemented locally and how the results contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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