Programme Migration & Diaspora (PMD)

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The PMD programme is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supports key actors in making more effective use of regular migration and diaspora engagement to achieve their development goals. Guided by the Global Compact for Migration (GCM), the program is implemented by GIZ in up to 25 partner countries and focuses on the following three components:


Philippine Experience: Effective Communication with Migrants as a Country of Origin

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While the country does host a significant foreign-born community within its archipelago, the Philippines identifies itself as a country of origin, with approximately 10 million Filipinos Overseas who still call the Philippines home. It is for their protection, rights, and welfare, that the Philippine Government has emerged over the last 4 decades as a champion for global governance for the protection of migrants.

Diaspora engagement in agri-business

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The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)'s rural youth employement and agri-food systems in Ugrana project aims to foster diaspora investments in agricultural value chains in Uganda, by assessing and supporting institutional mechanisms, mapping Ugandan diaspora skills and expertise related to agri-business, and developing a diaspora in agribusiness network and road map for policy dialogue. 


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Migrantour is an international project coordinated by the NGO Terra Vera, providing a new instrument for integration that promotes the cultural heritage brought by migrant citizens, asylum seekers and refugees. The project contributes to the development of a new narrative on the phenomenon of migration.

Through this project, migrants lead city tours for tourists and locals which showcase the contributions of migrants in to their home cities, and help to to share the personal stories of the guides.

"I am a migrant" IOM campaign

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The IOM's 'I am a migrant' campaign is a platform to promote diversity and inclusion of migrants in society. It’s specifically designed to support volunteer groups, local authorities, companies, associations, groups, indeed, anyone of goodwill who is concerned about the hostile public discourse against migrants.

Remittance and support services for Filipino migrants

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Global Pinoy offers remittance services for global and local Filipinos online. Furthermore, Global Pinoy has partnered with SM Cares to establish SM Global Pinoy Centers in SM Malls nationwide that offer services catered to the needs of the Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. Such services include free internet services, mobile phone charging, voice calls, beverages, BDO Remittance Pick-up services, and Foreign Exchange services by the SM Department Store.

Overseas Filipinos' Online Portal for Diaspora Engagement

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The Government of the Philippines created a communication platform BaLinkBayan for Filipino returnees, which functions as a one-stop online portal for diaspora engagement. BaLinkBayan is a means to connect Filipino individuals and communities to the Philippines through the Diaspora to Development (D2D) program of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) BaLinkBayan focuses on the five of the D2D: diaspora investment and entrepreneurship, diaspora philanthropy, brain gain program, educational exchange, and medical mission coordination. 

PARE 1+1 Programme for Attracting Remittances into the Economy

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The PARE 1+1 Programme for Attracting  Remittances into the Economy, launched in 2010, offers funding to complement migrants’ financial resources and provides entrepreneurial training to migrants and their relatives for business development. The Programme also provides beneficiaries with information on the existing business opportunities. For this purpose, diaspora networks act as important information dissemination channels thus raising awareness on available investment opportunities in Moldova.


Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Taskforce (JDAT) Investor Circle

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Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Taskforce (JDAT) Investor Circle provides microfinance funding for local farmers. The Circle provides an opportunity for persons and organizations within diaspora and Jamaica, to pool their resources in an effort to assist the country’s agricultural sector. The JDAT has been engaging Jamaican farmers in a number of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable organic farming.

Somali AgriFood Fund

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The Somali AgriFood Fund is a seed capital investment matching fund, which targets the succesful Somali diaspora in the United States, Canada, European Union and Australia, matching their interest to invest with small and medium enterprises in agribusiness in Somalia on fishing, agriculture, food processing, packaging, cold storage facilities, and livestock.

Directorate in charge of Diaspora

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Madagascar has created a Directorate in charge of Diaspora within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first initiative of this directorate was to carry out a profiling of diaspora members in France, which hosts the majority of migrants from Madagascar. The government of Madagascar also organized the first forum on Diaspora, to uncover the activities of the Malagasy diaspora, and to them in contact with civil society organization with which they can work and create synergies. 

National Remittance Plan (Senegal)

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The Support Fund for Investments of Senegalese Abroad (Fonds d’appui à l’investissement des Sénégalais de l’extérieur – FAISE) aims to promote productive investments in Senegal by citizens living overseas with the long-term objective of encouraging their voluntary return to the country.

Annual Conferences for Diaspora

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The Government of Lebanon holds annual conferences for diaspora focused on investment opportunities and incentives in the country.

At the same time, the government of Lebanon holds conferences abroad targeting the Lebanese diaspora on various topics, to provide and talk about investment opportunities in Lebanon. The most recent one was held in France and focused on Energy.


Establishment of Diaspora Commission

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The Government of Nigeria is currently focusing on creating an enabling environment for the Nigerian diaspora to contribute to national development on the understanding that the diaspora can only make meaningful contributions to national development when the favourable conditions are put in place. On 30 June 2017, Nigerian Government signed the Nigerian Citizens in Diaspora Commission Establishment Bill 2017. The Commission has the responsibility to coordinate and organise Nigerians in and from the diaspora to contribute human capital and material resources, including their expertise, for t


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Sweden through the Swedish Consumer Agency, is missioned to provide a web-based information service for remittances. The service aims at creating transparency about different modes of remittances and the costs of these, thus increasing competition so that transfer costs can be reduced. Since 2018 additional resources have been added to the Consumer Agency to continue to provide and develop the service. The costs of sending remittances from Sweden have in some cases been relatively high.

Diaspora Week

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In order to materialize the role of the Diaspora as a pillar of the development of the country, the Diaspora Week was established by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Alert level classification system

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The Philippines Alert level classification system essentially classifies the degree of threat and of immediate danger that the migrant worker is facing. The system serves as an advisor to all affected Filipino workers by instructing them on what to do to keep them safe and secure in times of crises. n accordance with the established protocols on international relations, the Crisis Alert Levels, with their respective indicators and deployment status, are:

USAID Project Harnessing Diaspora for Economic Development Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

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A five-year intervention worth 5,2+ million US$ of the U.S. Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  This USAID’s project catalyzes diaspora’s contribution to socio-economic development in BiH by structuring, stimulating, and supporting diaspora investment in the home country.

The project has three main components:

Diaspora for Development (D4F) Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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 Diaspora for Development (D4D) project is a four-year intervention funded by the Swiss Government in the area of M&D in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is implemented from December 2016 to December 2020 by UNDP BiH, in cooperation with the IOM BiH and the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sector for Diaspora).