Civil Society Days


Voices from the Regions Reports:

CSD Background Papers:

  • Session 1.1
    Protecting the Rights of Migrants – A Shared Responsibility
  • Session 1.2
    Empowering Migrants and Diasporas to Contribute to Development
  • Session 2.1
    Fostering More Opportunities for Regular Migration
  • Session 2.2
    Managing Migration and Minimizing the Negative Impacts of Irregular Migration
  • Session 3.1
    Strengthening Data and Research Tools on Migration and Development
  • Session 3.2
    Policy and Institutional Coherence within Government
  • Session 3.3
    Regional Consultative Processes (RCPs), Inter-regional Consultative Fora and Regional Organizations and Economic Integration Processes at the Interface of Migration and Development
GFMD Meeting: