Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development (M4SD) – IOM-UNDP joint global programme

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The M4SD Programme (2019-2023) aimed to harness the development benefits and reduce the negative effects of migration for host and home communities, migrants, and their family members. A key component of this Programme was to showcase how inclusive policies can be implemented locally and how the results contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Whole-of-government approach in Serbia

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In Serbia,  the national and local governments are working together and across several policy areas including youth, migration, employment and education sectors. The National Employment Strategy, Economic Migration Strategy, National Youth Strategy and National Youth Law all include mobility considerations and aim to provide opportunities for youth at home and abroad.

Guidance on Bilateral labour migration agreements

It contains practical guidance grounded in international labour and human rights standards and drawing from real examples around the world. It shows how social dialogue benefits the development, implementation and monitoring of these agreements, and can be used as a basis for training and preparing for negotiation of bilateral labour migration agreements.

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Governance of Labour Migration in South and South-East Asia (GOALS)

The Project is conceived in response to various facets of labour migration, fair and ethical recruitment and sustainable reintegration, gaps and challenges relating to safe, orderly and regular labour migration and improved skills recognition, in the corridors between South and South-East Asia and the Middle East. The project is designed on the first phase of the SDC supported regional project, ìStrengthening Labour Migration Governance through Regional Cooperation in Colombo Process Countriesî.

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Skills Passports

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Sri Lanka has implemented a ìskills passportî, a portfolio that documents the skills and qualifications acquired informally by returnee migrant workers or workers in Sri Lanka. This platform allows skills matching by enabling upward employability and facilitating
the recruitment of individuals for jobs that require specific skills, filling the gaps in local and overseas labour markets (TVEC and EFC, n.d.).

L'Union des Ambassadeurs

The Union des Ambassadeurs is a network of Euro-Malian entrepreneurs and professionals who have decided to settle and live in Mali, and who have joined forces to make this new adventure as easy as possible.

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Project for Entrepreneurial Mobility (PEM)

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This project aims to facilitate and support the mobility of entrepreneurs and their employees, including aspiring innovative Senegalese entrepreneurs, in order to increase their economic opportunities.
It aims at offering young entrepreneurs and employees with promising ideas an effective access to mentoring / apprenticeship / skills development services both in Belgium and in Senegal.


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A program which invites Diaspora Armenian professionals to serve in the public sector and in the government of the Republic of Armenia.

The Republic of Armenia's Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs announces the launch of the ´iGorts 2023ª program, which invites Diaspora Armenian professionals to serve in Armeniaís and Artsakhís government for a duration of one year.

National Observatory of Migration and Health

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In response to the migratory crisis that Colombia has experienced since 2015 due to the migratory flow from Venezuela. Taking into account the need that the Colombian State has to consolidate at the national level timely, and pertinent information on the characterization of the migrant population. Its situation of health, and access to health for the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of health care programs, strategies, and projects. The Ministry of Health, and Social Protection launched on December 2th, 2020 the National Observatory of Migration and Health.

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