GFMD Structures

The GFMD Operating Modalities [ ES | FR ] were initially endorsed during the first meeting of the GFMD in Brussels in 2007 and updated in 2020. They aimed to provide a structuring framework to organize GFMD chairing arrangements, as well as funding and technical support to the Chair-in-Office. These Modalities were also meant to ensure continuity and to set out basic principles on the GFMD’s relations with the UN  and with other non-government partners, including civil society, the private sector, local and regional governments and youth.

The GFMD’s structures have continued to evolve over the course of its existence, and an overall framework is described by the following diagram:

GFMD Structure chart i

The Chair-in-Office

The host country (Chair-in-Office) assumes responsibility for the preparatory process and the implementation of each Forum. The host government chairs all sessions related to Forum preparations and chairs the Forum. The Chair-in-Office is assisted by the country that organized the previous Forum and the country that will host the following meeting of the Forum, through the Troika.

The Chair-in-Office should, in principle, alternate between developing and developed countries. Countries interested in assuming the Chair of the Forum shall communicate their intention to the Troika.

The Troika

The GFMD Troika is comprised of the former Chair, the Chair-in-Office, and the future Chair of the Global Forum. The Chair-in-Office assumes responsibility for the preparatory process and the implementation of each Forum, with the assistance of the outgoing and future Chairs. In particular, the Troika discusses strategic and political issues related to the Global Forum as a process, including its relationship with other international bodies, and makes recommendations on these areas to the Steering Group and the Friends of the Forum.

The current Troika consists of: France and the United Arab Emirates (previous Chair).

For more information see: The GFMD Troika – Terms of Reference

The Steering Group

The GFMD Steering Group (SG) is comprised of roughly 30 member countries that are firmly committed to offer sustained political and conceptual support to the Chair-in-Office and ensure continuity of the overall process. This includes carrying out periodic evaluations of the activities of the Forum, both in terms of process and content, as well as assisting the Chair-in-Office in seeking technical and financial support for the GFMD process. The SG convenes in Geneva at the request of the Chair-in-Office to consider and advise on all relevant policy issues, and it may also create thematic Working Groups.

The key principles in determining membership are: (a) demonstrated commitment and real engagement in the GFMD is a prerequisite - in terms of intellectual/substantive inputs and, to the extent possible, also financial contributions; b) balance across regions and different migration perspectives should be maintained; and c) an informal rotational system is applied to allow countries to express their interest to join the SG and for others to rotate off for a certain period of time.

The current 24 governments which comprise the Steering Group are:

For more information see: The GFMD Steering Group: Terms of Reference and Guidelines for Membership