Regional Peer Learning Platform (Asia)

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Peer learning exchanges between governments and civil society implementers have
facilitated the sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge, and challenges on
implementing ATD. Some countries have made significant progress in restricting or
even ending the use of immigration detention for some or all groups of people, while
others are beginning to embark on this journey. While there is no one-size fits all
approach, the sharing of successes and lessons learned means that stakeholders

Social media campaign - Everybody Knows Something That You Don't Know

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Everybody Knows Something That You Don't Know is a social media campaign using short interviews to create a positive migration narrative. During the interviews, the MYCP team talks to youth about the topic of migration and publishes this in the format of interactive interviews on social networks.

@letstalkmigration Instagram Platform

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@letstalkmigration Instagram Platform is a community of more than 2000 young members and growing sharing tools and tips on how to change the often negative narratives on migration in their communities.To enable capacity building for youth wanting to learn more about shaping narratives on the ground beyond the tools and advice shared on the account, we have hosted an online workshop series with 6 regional rounds for young people on how to use social media to create their own positive and hope-based narratives with over 40 participants from different regions worldwide.

European Alternatives to Detention Network

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The European Alternatives to Detention Network (EATDN) is a group of NGOs that aims to end immigration detention in Europe. Established in 2017, it brings together civil society organisations implementing case management-based ATD (alternatives to detention) pilots in seven European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Poland and the UK) in partnership with regional-level and international organisations.

Labor Registration Program

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Labour Market Regulatory Authority launched the Labour Registration Program, in partnership with the private sector through Labour Registration Centres with the aim of providing a safe and balanced-work environment that preserves the rights of all parties and the society, enhancing the efforts to eliminate irregular workers and linking work permits to vocational standards and qualifications.

Optional Insurance System for Domestic Workers

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Labour Market Regulatory Authority launched the optional insurance for domestic workers, which covers cases of absence from work in violation of work permit terms, or unjust dismissal, compensation in case of injury, disability or death and repatriation costs. The insurance is available to employers who recruit domestic workers directly or through licensed employment offices acting as intermediaries.

Prague Process Action Plan 2023-2027

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Making migration and mobility positive forces for development
1. Bring together representatives of diaspora communities and governments of countries of origin and destination for round-table debates on sharing best practices and on recognising the role and needs of diaspora communities in development and investment in countries of origin as well as in integration in the host societies.

National Observatory of Migration and Health

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In response to the migratory crisis that Colombia has experienced since 2015 due to the migratory flow from Venezuela. Taking into account the need that the Colombian State has to consolidate at the national level timely, and pertinent information on the characterization of the migrant population. Its situation of health, and access to health for the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of health care programs, strategies, and projects. The Ministry of Health, and Social Protection launched on December 2th, 2020 the National Observatory of Migration and Health.

EUDiF’s diaspora engagement mapping

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The global mapping of diaspora engagement was created by the EU Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF), a project funded by the European Union’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). The map is a unique resource for knowledge about diaspora engagement policies, practices, and priorities around the world, as well as the government institutions and diaspora organizations active in this dynamic space. It is a resource envisioned to assist the entire diaspora development ecosystem.

Diaspora investment in sustainable rural youth entrepreneurship in Mali

Through its Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR), IFAD is working to mobilize Malian migrant investment to encourage economic development entrepreneurism and employment in Mali, and to stimulate the economic inclusion of young Malians and offer them an alternative to migration, particularly in rural areas.

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