"Human Capital Development and Labor Mobility: Maximizing Opportunities and Minimizing Risks"

  • Session 1.1 [ FR | ES ]
    Highly skilled migration: balancing interests and responsibilities.
  • Session 1.2 [ FR | ES ]
    Temporary labor migration as a contribution to development: sharing responsibility.
  • Session 1.3 [ FR | ES ]
    The role of other-than government partners in strengthening the developmental contribution of temporary labor migration.
  • Session 1.4 [ FR | ES ]
    How can circular migration and sustainable return serve as development tools?
  • Session 1.4: Model Session [ FR | ES ]
    Setting up a model Circular Migration program.

"Remittances and other diaspora resources: Increasing their net volume and development value"

"Enhancing Institutional and Policy Coherence and Promoting Partnerships"

  • Session 3.2 [ FR | ES ]
    Coherent Policy Planning and Methodology to Link Migration and Development

Session 3.3 (Future of the Forum)

  • Session 3.4 [ FR | ES ]
    Regional Consultative Processes and Development: Advancing Cooperation

CSD Background Papers:

  • Session 1 [ FR | ES ]

    Highly Skilled Migration: Balancing Interests and Responsibilities and Tackling Brain Drain.
  • Session 2 [ FR | ES ]

    Temporary labour migration as contribution to development: sharing responsibility between sending and receiving countries and the role of other-than government partners.
  • Session 3 [ FR | ES ]

    Can Migrants, Countries of Origin and Countries of Destination All Win from Circular Migration?
  • Session 4 [ FR | ES ]

    Remittances and Development: issues and policy opportunities.
  • Session 5 [ FR | ES ]

    Strategies for building diaspora/migrant organization capacity for development.
  • Session 6 [ FR | ES ]

    The value of the “Migration and Development” nexus, and migration out of choice vs. migration out of necessity.
  • Session 7 [ FR | ES ]

    Principles and measures to obtain more coherent and collaborative policy making on migration and development.
  • Session 8 [ FR | ES ]

    Looking ahead: Developing strategies and partnerships to work on ‘migration and development’ issues.

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