Germany-Morocco GFMD 2017-2018

"Towards a Global Social Contract on Migration and Development”

9 October 2017


3rd Meeting of the GFMD Steering Group

Salle XXIV, 1st Floor, Building E, Palais des Nations


3rd Meeting of the GFMD Friends of the Forum

Salle XVII, 1st Floor, Building E, Palais des Nations

Thematic Workshop on the GFMD contribution to the GCM, 06 September

Summary Reports

  • Cluster 1Human rights of all migrants
  • Cluster 2: Addressing drivers of migration Irregular migration and regular pathways
  • Cluster 3International cooperation and governance of migration
  • Cluster 4Contributions of migrants and diasporas
  • Cluster 5Smuggling of migrants, trafficking in persons and contemporary forms of slavery 
  • Cluster 6: Irregular migration and regular pathway

Conference Documents

Opening Plenary

Working Sessions

Closing Plenary

Tenth GFMD Summit Meeting, 28-30 June

Opening Plenary Session


GFMD 2017 Roundtable Discussions



Special Session on the Future of the Forum, 29 June

Statements during the Open Discussion

Session on the Platform for Partnerships, 29 June


Business Mechanism Meeting, 29 June


Common Space, 30 June


GFMD 2017 Side Events, 29 June

UNAOC Side Event

Global Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration & Development, 26-27 June

General Contributions

Background Paper

  • GFMD 2017 Roundtable 1.1 Background Paper - Tools and Safeguards for Policy Coherence – Finding the right policy mix to balance different interests and objectives  EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2017 Rountdable 1.2 Background Paper - From Global Agreement to Implementation – National action plans for migration-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2017 Roundtable 2.1 Background Paper - Moving beyond emergencies – Creating development solutions to the mutual benefit of host and origin communities and displaced persons EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2017 Roundtable 2.2 Background Paper - Fostering the development impact of returning migrants EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2017 Roundtable 3.1 Background Paper - Raising the Global Talent Pool – Harnessing the Potential of the Private Sector for Global Skills Partnerships EN | FR | ES
  • GFMD 2017 Roundtable 3.2 Background Paper - Strengthening cooperation – Enabling Civil Society Contributions in Migrant Integration EN | FR | ES


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RT Session 3.1
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References for GFMD 2017 Rountdables

5 April 2017

2nd Meeting of the GFMD Steering Group

Room XXIV, 1st Floor, Building E, Palais des Nations

Summary Report

Conference Documents

2nd Meeting of the GFMD Friends of the Forum

Room XVIII, 1st Floor, Building E, Palais des Nations

Summary Report

Conference Documents

Statements and Presentations

7 April 2017

Second Government Roundtable Team Preparatory Meetings on Tenth GFMD Summit Roundtables (June 2017
Palais des Nations, Geneva

6 April 2017 - 2nd Dialogue on the GCM

Palais des Nations, Geneva

Summary Reports

Conference Documents

24 January 2017

The Fourth Ministerial Consultation of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue


16-17 February 2017

15th Coordination Meeting on International Migration
UNHQs, New York