Biography - Dr Goetz Schmidt-Bremme (GFMD 2017-2018 Co-Chair Germany)

Germany-Morocco GFMD 2017-2018

Ambassador for the 2017-2018 GFMD Co-Chairmanship

(Married, three children)

Publications include contributions to Germany’s consular practice handbook and a commentary on the Foreign Service Act. 

1958 Born in Altena (Westphalia, Germany) 
1977 – 1986 Studied law and philosophy in Bonn and Lausanne, followed by practical legal training in Düsseldorf
1986 – 1987 Military service 
1987 – 1988  Attorney; doctoral student of constitutional law (fundamental rights / special relationships of subordination) 
1988 – 1990 Entry into foreign service: desk officer in the Civil Law Division 
1990 – 1992 Deputy Consul-General in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
1992 – 1996 Desk officer for Basic Personnel Issues 
1996 – 1999 Head of the Economic Section at the German Embassy in Lisbon (Portugal) and German Deputy CommissionerGeneral at Expo 98
1999 – 2002 Deputy Head of the International Criminal Law and Tax Law Division 
2002 – 2005 Deputy Consul-General in São Paulo (Brazil) 
2006 – 2012 Head of the Division for Private International Law, Civil Law, Mercantile and Commercial Law, International Customs and Tax Law
2012 – 2013 Minister (economic affairs) in Paris 
2013-2017 Director for Legal and Consular Issues including Migration
Since 2017 Ambassador for the 2017-2018 GFMD Co-Chairmanship, Special Representative of the Federal Foreign Office for Return Management